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Home Based Childcare Auckland

We do Quality Care

We provide a comfortable environment, designed to stimulate and amuse your growing child. We aim to ease and promote their development. Our experienced Educators are trained, dedicated and passionate about children’s well-being.

All Educators engage in ongoing learning and are supported by trained registered teachers. Not only do they have different experiences and qualifications but are also required to meet all of the Ministry of Education regulations and are individually police vetted, the referee checked, and hold a young children’s First Aid Certificate.

We are dedicated to growing little minds in a home environment and making a difference every day.

Children in our service aged three to six (not yet enrolled at school) are eligible for the 20 hours of ECE government subsidy.

Benefits of In-Home Childcare

  • Site visit to allow you to familiar yourself with our Educator and allow your child to get ready to grow and learn in a safe, warm and personalised home environment that fits your child’s needs and routine.
  • Unlike any daycare centre, our Educators will take only up to 4 children at any time, which means your child will have more attention from our Educator.
  • As less number of children, not only Educator can spend more time with your child, but also give you more real-time updates regarding your child’s current situation.
  • More flexible hours. Baby Kingdom’s Educators come with various open and close hours, so no more rushing through the traffic and worrying about closing the facility.
  • Baby Kingdoms uses a ClassDojo application that allows parents to get live updates about what’s going on throughout the day with their child, as well as interact and give feedback to Educators.
  • Detailed monthly assessments for a better understanding of your child’s growth and development.

How to Enrol

Enrol your child in stimulating programs created by Baby Kingdoms.

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This usually start via phone or email enquire through Baby Kingdoms. We encourage all families/whānau to contact the home based education team who will discuss your requirements. We are here to answer all your questions.

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Educators and Site Visit

We understand you want the very best for your child and that you need to know your child is in a happy, fun, caring and safe home environment. Our coordinator will organise a time, so you and your child can visit us. Site visits can be multiple times.

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Enrolled with Educator

Select an Educator and complete an enrolment form. The form contains essential information about your child, enrolment hours and conditions. Our coordinator will discuss your needs, talk about when a space is available and answer any queries you may have.

If you have some questions please contact us at 0800 514 356 or

You can also find more answers on our FAQ page.

The Process of Settleing

By following these simple tips, you will be pleasantly surprised at how quickly your child will adapt and look forward to their time at home based education.


Before your child’s official start date, it is a good idea to do a couple of visits to familiar both yourself and your child with the Educator’s home environment. The Educator will welcome you, show you around, and explain their routines and what you can expect.


Your child may wish to watch, or they may be keen to join an activity straight away. Let your child get a sense for the new
surroundings and go at their pace as they feel comfort.


It is important to be honest with your child and tell them goodbye and that you are leaving but you will be back later to pick them up. There may be a few tears, but often when parents are out of sight children will happily settle into an activity and start their day (don’t look back).


Children can sense this and this can increase their anxiety. Try to encourage your child to look forward to their day and the fun they will have.


On the first few days, we recommend new families/whānau consider an earlier pickup time as this is when new children can become anxious. Feel free to text or phone the Educator during the day to find out how your child doing.


Our Locations

Your child's home away from home.

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